My cover of The Only Exception by Paramore.
Hayley’s range is insane so apologies for not hitting some of the highs.
Regardless, I hope you enjoy enjoy :)

My cover of The Faster The Treadmill by I Fight Dragons. 
Sorry about the voice crack in the last chorus, the lyrics of this song get to me and I get into it too much sometimes.

An old cover of Our Blackrock Story Carries On that I did a while ago and forgot to share here.
Hope you enjoy :)

nice covers, man!! Props :D

Thanks! :)

A message from emiliealicerose
I loved your Still Into You cover! Do you have a YouTube channel?

Thanks! I do have one but I upload to my soundcloud way more often than youtube. I need to start uploading there again :) 

My cover of Cactus In The Valley by Lights Poxleitner.

Love this song’s acoustic version on the Siberia Acoustic album.
Hope you enjoy it :)

An acoustic cover of Still Into You by Paramore.
My favorite song of theirs next to Ignorance and because it’s been in my head ever since it was released, I decided to do a cover of it.

Hope you enjoy :)
(Free download on my soundcloud page if you like it that much)

A little cover of Shi no Barado by Area 11 from their debut album All The Lights In The Sky and Shi no Barado (Single) available on iTunes and Amazon!
Hope you enjoy, I had fun playing around with multiple tracks on this.

Lewis vs. Creepers

Lewis vs. Creepers